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Easy-Pan™ New Generation

Easy-Pan™ New Generation

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               Easy-Pan™ The Greatest campanion for your barbercue!!

Easy-Pan™ the way to enjoy a delicious barbecue, surrounded by your loved ones. This pan is specially designed for barbecues, providing optimal heat distribution for perfect grilling every time. Whether it's juicy steaks, grilled vegetables or savory kebabs, Easy-Pan™ is the go-to tool for memorable meals. 

Get ready for unforgettable grilling moments with Easy-Pan™, the Korean skillet pan. Whether in your kitchen, garden or outdoors, this stove is the perfect choice for successful barbecues (perfect for Korean barbecues). Its ability to retain heat and provide even distribution lets you grill savory meats, score crisp vegetables and create authentic barbecue flavors. Treat your family and friends to delicious meals or Korean cuisine, and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of barbecues with ease.

During your camping adventures, Easy-Pan™ becomes your best culinary ally. Prepare delicious meals on the campfire, hearty breakfasts or even improvised meals in the great outdoors. Enjoy the magic of campfires as you cook tasty meals and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.


is suitable for a variety of stoves and can also be directly heated by firewood,compatible with all heat sources.

                      Convenient and Easy to clean

The two ears can be suspended for easy carrying and storage, saving space. Natural Granite stone non-stick coating, super easy to clean, just wipe with a paper towel or rinse with water. Dishwasher safe.

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